Better Together

We believe that exceptional communication will provide enhanced spiritual development, life chances and opportunities for all.

The multi-academy should not be seen as separate from an individual school, we are 16 schools: 1 multi-academy and we truly believe that we are ‘better together’. Each school, as a member of the multi-academy, under the direction of the Executive Leadership, is involved in:

  • ensuring that school improvement across the multi-academy is central to our aim as Catholic educators so that your child benefits from the very best Catholic education
  • working with all 16 schools and the Executive Leadership to have a shared understanding of excellence in all areas of the curriculum so that learning is carefully sequenced, which allows your child(ren) to remember what they have been taught
  • sharing best practice and learning from and with each other
  • enabling every leader and teacher to be the best they can be so that every child receives the very best education
  • ensuring that talented leaders and staff are used across the multi-academy to share best practice
  • benefiting from Painsley’s Teaching School Hub that provides professional development for aspiring, new and existing teachers and leaders
  • benefiting from economies of scale, as we have far greater purchasing power as a group of schools meaning that every school has more money to spend on your child(ren)
  • sharing fantastic personal development opportunities with other schools, such as meaningful trips and visits
  • benefiting from new or revamped buildings due to the additional capital funding we receive from the government as a multi-academy
  • continuing to improve EYFS, Key Stage 1/2/4/5 progress and attainment
  • reducing the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils to zero so that all pupils, regardless of background, have the very best education
  • ensuring that SEND pupils make good progress (at least higher than national) from their starting points and that needs are identified early and appropriate provision and intervention are in place
  • retaining their identity with the freedom to innovate with evidence-based plans
  • supporting other schools in the multi-academy when they face any challenges
  • using data across the multi-academy so that benchmarking exercises can take place and best practice identified and shared
  • focusing on teaching and learning as the many wider school requirements are addressed by the central team

As Executive Leaders, we believe in planning for the long-term. The pupils in Reception will leave Year 13 in 2037 and we want to ensure that they are prepared for the ever-changing world.