These are the Painsley Catholic Academy’s policy templates.  All schools personalise the policies by amending the highlighted sections.  LGBs and Directors monitor the implementation of the policies.   If you have any concerns about policy implementation in any of our schools, please contact Mr Bell, the CEO, via Mrs Bradley at Head Office on 01538 493777.  You can access the school websites through the links here

Safeguarding Policy Template 22 23

Designated Teacher (LAC) policy 23 24

Online safety 2022

Physical intervention policy 2022 23

Exclusions Policy 2022

Whistleblowing Policy 2022 2023

Workload and wellbeing Policy 2022

children with health needs who cannot attend school 2023-24

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment 2022

Communication Policy


Child on Child Abuse Policy template (incl Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment between children) 2022-2023

Complaints Policy 2023


Accepting and Receiving of Gifts and Donations Policy 2324

Charging and Remissions 2021-22

Competitive tendering policy 23-24

Counter Fraud, Theft, Irregularity and Cybercrime Policy 2324



Fraud Response Plan 2223

CSE Guidance Core Document

Equality Policy 2020

Financial Risk Management policy 2023-24

Financial Scheme of Delegation 2021-22

Fraud Response Plan 2023-24

Freedom of Information Policy 2021

Governors Code of Practice

Lettings Policy Guidance and Application form 2021-22

Pay Policy 2018

Pooled Funding and Appeals Policy 2021

Prevent Policy 2021-22

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers 2021-22

Privacy notice for pupils 2021-22

Privacy notice for staff 2021-22

Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff PCA 2020

Risk Management, Risk Register September 2021-22

Reserves and Investment policy 2223

The Painsley Catholic Academy Risk Register as at September 2021

Workload and wellbeing statement