BWH Celebrates GCSE Success

BWH Celebrates GCSE Success

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School is pleased to report some outstanding achievements by its students in their GCSE and vocational qualifications this summer.

The following students have secured outstanding GCSE grades in all of their subjects:

Alfred Owens who achieved (4 x9s, 1×8, 3 x7s, 2x 6s, 1x M2)

Eloise Whittick (5 x 9s, 3 x 8s, 2 x 7s, 1 x 6)

Brooke Frost (3 x9s, 5 x 8s, 2 x7s, 1x D2*)

Emily Hogan ((5 x 9s, 4 x 8s, 1 x 7, 1 x 6))

Jensen Glennon-Dodd (1 x 9, 2 x 8s, 1 x 7, 2 x 6, 2 x 5, D2*)

Lottie Delauney (5 x 8s, 1 x 7, 3 x 6s, 2 x 5s)

Phoebe Ashton (2 x 9s, 4 x 7s, 3 x 6s, 1x 5)

Natasha Horton ((4 x 9s, 3x 8s, 3 x 7s, 1 x6)

The school would also like to give a special mention to Jensen Glennon-Dodd and Georgia Flood who have secured brilliant results and worked extremely hard throughout the year.

Following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a rigorous process of teacher assessed grades, against a national standard and approved and awarded by the exam boards. The government is not publishing performance data for any schools or colleges this year due to the varying impact of the pandemic.

Mr Karl Brown, Principal at Blessed William Howard, said, “We are immensely proud of all the hard work and fantastic achievements of our Year 11 students, especially after such a challenging year. The students have shown great resilience, adapting to remote learning when they had to and ensuring that they remained dedicated to their education throughout the year. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students are able to progress onto further education and study, and we look forward to seeing more fantastic achievements in the future.”

Vice Principal, Mr Tom Dudley added, “We are proud of all of our Year 11 students and would like to congratulate them for the fantastic set of results they have achieved under challenging circumstances. We look forward to welcoming our students back into the sixth form and wish everyone the very best in the future.”

Blessed William Howard will be holding a virtual Open Evening on 20th September, at 6.00pm, for Year 6 parents and their children who are interested in finding out more about securing a school place at Blessed William Howard in September 2022.  Parents should pre-register by clicking and completing the Google registration link below to enable us to stay in touch with you. We look forward to meeting with you.

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