Painsley GCSE results

Painsley GCSE results

In what has been a most challenging year for students and staff across the country, students at Painsley Catholic College have achieved above and beyond their potential.   When the Leadership Group at the College gathered students together prior to Friday 20th March, little did anyone know that it would be the last opportunity to teach, guide and mould the wonderful young people at the College.

Following lockdown, the College continued to ‘live’ teach the students via an IT platform, offering a full timetable to key Year groups from March 23rd.  Indeed, Painsley was one of only 11% of state secondary schools that offered such a service.  There is no doubt that this commitment is an indicator of the outstanding education that Painsley offers.  GCSE outcomes reflect this success as the College is celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results with 97% of the Year 11 students at the non-selective academy achieving the standard pass (grade 4) in English and 89% in mathematics. Furthermore, the College is delighted with the fact that 88% achieved the standard pass and 70% the strong pass (grade 5) in both English and maths. These are well-above the national averages.

Staff at the College went through a very rigorous and fair exercise when accurately predicting the outcomes for 2020.  Mrs Waugh, Principal, commented: “I can honestly say that Painsley’s results are a fair and true reflection of the outcomes that would have been achieved if the exams had been sat.  We engaged in a thorough and robust process to grade and rank all of the students, including moderation at every level.”

Painsley prides itself on providing an excellent education underpinned by regular and rigorous assessments throughout the GCSE studies.  These provided a sound basis for the accurate and realistic predictions of the students.

Mrs Waugh, Principal, commented: “I am proud and delighted that the teaching staff worked with such commitment and professionalism to initially ‘live’ teach all of our students following lockdown and subsequently went on to grade and rank the students in a thorough and moderated process. The outcomes of this are evident in the results received by the students.”

Top performances include:

Madelaine Chandler 10 grade 9’s and 2 grade 8’s

Heather Dalgleish 12 grade 9’s

Eleanor Davies 7 grade 9’s and 5 grade 8’s

Elizabeth Hartmann 11 grade 9’s and 1 grade 8

Louis Hutchinson 10 grade 9’s and 2 grade 8’s

Caio Santos Pasta 12 grade 9’s

Isla Wilson 8 grade 9’s and 4 grade 8’s

Marios Stamoulis 11 grade 9’s and 1 grade 8

Mrs Waugh continued: “I am thrilled to be able to share these phenomenal results with the students. The students have worked with drive and determination throughout the last five years. I wish the students every success as they continue their journey and I look forward to welcoming the majority of the students into the Painsley Sixth Form in September. I would like to pay particular thanks to the dedication and commitment of the staff at Painsley, teaching and non-teaching, who constantly provide an exceptional learning experience and willingly go the extra mile on behalf of the students. I am truly grateful to them all for their professionalism. I would like to thank our parents who have supported the students and the staff of the school throughout their time at the College; the effective partnership between home and school is instrumental in the success of the students.”

Parents interested in sending their child to Painsley should be aware that parents have the opportunity to sign up for a ‘live’ virtual Open Evening on Wednesday 16th September at 6:30pm, which will include a virtual tour of the college, an address by the Principal and an opportunity to discuss questions with the Leadership Group and Senior Student Leaders. Details are on the school website at

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