Parent Comments

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Weeping Cross, Stafford

“Teachers are doing a brilliant job in very difficult circumstances and we are very grateful for their continued efforts.”

“We really appreciate what the school staff are doing to make the remote learning possible and keep it going at a high standard at this difficult time, considering many of them are parents too. There are so much pressures on them from the pandemic, from work and from family life too which we can only imagine. We thank you for your wonderful work, your kindness, your patience, your hard work, and most importantly, your love for our children, which have brought comfort and confidence to many young lives through this strange time.  Please take care and all the best! xx”

“We appreciate all of the efforts you have all made and continue to make, recognising that you all had very little notice to prepare for this at the beginning of term. It is a very difficult time and you are all working extremely hard, thanks.”


St Austin’s Catholic Primary School, Stafford

“I think the provision of online learning is fantastic. The teachers are doing an amazing job.  Teaching the class and providing online learning to the children at home which must be a challenge in itself – a big thank you and well done.”

“The Year 6 remote learning is running very smoothly from my viewpoint and I can’t praise you all enough for all of your hard and difficult work. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

“I think the team at St Austin’s have done a tremendous job in ensuring our children have access to online learning during what is a very difficult time for all. Well done and thank you.”


Blessed Mother Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, Stafford

“I feel my children’s teachers are brilliant, and are amazing at how they are dealing with this change of learning. I thank them for everything they do for our children.”

“Thank you to everyone who has worked hard so far to ensure a successful remote learning for the children at home.”

“Thank you for providing me with a clear lesson plan and resources so I can help my child to learn at home. She’s really enjoyed the different daily content and has enjoyed the tasks in her subjects that have been set. Also thank you for your quick responses, I appreciate that it can be time-consuming to answer to each parent as well as teaching few children in class and am grateful for your replies, thank you.”


Blessed William Howard Catholic High School, Stafford

“We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at BWH for everything that they are doing at such a difficult time. The online classes are offering a sense of routine and I feel that both of my boys are receiving a really good level of education even though they are at home. Thank you to each and every member of staff for everything that you are doing, it is very much appreciated!”

“The remote learning is absolutely the best that it can be in these difficult circumstances. It follows the school timetable, is meaningful and monitored. I am very grateful and am so impressed that it was put together so quickly. It could not be improved. Thankyou!”

“During lockdown since March BWH school and all the staff been excellent to provide an outstanding online teaching curriculum to students. As a parent I never felt my child is lacking any lessons because of lockdown. Thank you all for your hard work to make this happen and providing your students an outstanding support.”

St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School, Stone

“The staff at St Dominic’s Catholic Primary, Stone have been exceptional! There is a clear structure to the ‘new style’ school online working day and I’m impressed that they are juggling the teaching of children physically at school and also remotely! Their dedication is out of genuine care for the children’s’ education and support. The head teacher and staff are a credit to the success of the school and it is much appreciated thank you!!”

“You are all doing an amazing job for our children. The boys are still more excited about their in-school days which says even more about your fantastic teaching skills. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for all your hard work!”

St Filumena’s Catholic Primary School, Caverswall

“Thank you, everyone, for your hard work in these stressful times hone learning and routine is essential in maintaining the children’s mental health.”

“I cannot thank the staff enough for how much they are having to juggle through these difficult times and how they still manage to stay positive. Any time we have had any queries or issues with the technology they have communicated with us effectively. The home school work has been easy to navigate through for both students and parents. The live lessons are constructed very well. Thank you once again to all staff at St Filumena’s you are doing a remarkable job!”

“Thank you for your continued support and hard work during these difficult times.”


The Faber Catholic Primary School, Cotton

“Thank you, from day 1 of lockdown you have demonstrated a massive commitment to ensuring our children continue to get the best education in current circumstances. Well done.”

“Thank you for the time and dedication you have all put into planning and implementing home learning for all of the children at Faber. I appreciate the technical difficulties you must have faced and the lack of time you have had to gain the resources and provisions for this term of remote teaching, however, I am truly proud of Faber and how you have continued to support all of the children and ensured their well-being and education. Thank you for all of your efforts, hard work and support during such a challenging time in education. It is truly appreciated.”

“An incredible effort yet again from all the Faber staff to ensure our children access excellent live lessons and super resources for independent tasks.”


 St John’s Catholic Primary School, Great Haywood

“I would just like to thank the staff for how quickly they set up the home learning for the children and how easy it has been to do. It has made such a stressful time easier to deal with.”

“All the staff are doing a fantastic job, the teaching has gone above and beyond what I expected my child to receive and for that I am extremely grateful, it has made this lockdown so much easier compared to last lockdown and my child is much happier this time also. Thank you to each and every one of you that has made all this possible- you are stars :-)”

“Thank you to all the staff for being there for both the children in school and at home doing remote learning.”


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Uttoxeter

“I feel that the school has been outstanding through providing a great platform for home learning. The teachers have been incredible. Thank you, St Joseph’s!”

“Thank you all for your amazing work on remote school. We definitely appreciate your efforts!”

“I would like to say thank you to all school staff for everything they are doing to support our children and families at this very difficult time. The school has been fantastic, thank you.”


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Brewood

“Thank you for continuing your hard work and dedication during these unprecedented times.  Any queries are dealt with very quickly and concisely, I think it is exceptional what you are doing and would like to say a huge thank you.”

“Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate. It is amazing that the staff have seamlessly managed to move to online learning with such a wide range of subjects, resources and teaching styles. Not only that, all of the staff are on hand to help us through any issues we have with the various platforms, passwords etc… I would wholeheartedly like to thank each and every staff member for making this really difficult time so much easier for the girls. Kind regards to all, stay safe and well.”

“I’m so impressed with the school learning which was set up so quickly at very short notice.  It’s almost like they’re at school.”


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Leek

“I think the staff have performed above expectations in challenging times. A big thank you for the hard work and dedication shown. It has made life much easier having a structured system of learning and responsive staff.”

“Thank you to all staff. I know how hard you are all working with both the children in the classroom and those at home. Thank you to all teaching staff and support staff who do an excellent job.”

“Communication has been great! Any queries have been answered promptly and effectively. The quality and volume of work provided has been good. Thank you!”


St Thomas’s Catholic Primary School, Tean

“Such a fantastic job by St Thomas’ with virtually no notice!! Well done and thank you!”

“Thank you so much to all the school for their amazing job teaching online it has been fantastic.  I feel very lucky that my child goes to St Thomas’ especially as we have been doing the online lessons from March….great school, great staff ..thank you!”

“I think the school have been amazing in providing the best possible online education.”

“I feel that all of the staff are doing a tremendous job in these difficult times. To have all the home learning and live lessons arranged for the Tuesday morning following the announcement on Monday evening was amazing. This just shows the level of dedication the staff put in.”


Painsley Catholic College, Cheadle

“Very satisfied with the quality of the online learning. In these difficult times you have risen to the challenge and I feel able to focus on my job (working from home) in the knowledge that my daughter’s learning and progress is not suffering. Thank you”

“Under incredibly challenging circumstances, all the teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure teaching has continued to be delivered in a brilliant way. Thank you.”

“It is with great sincerity that as parents we send our gratitude to all involved at school. The dedication and commitment is very much appreciated and we are so grateful that our children can continue with a high standard of education. Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem to fulfil what we would like to convey. You are all working tirelessly for the next generation. Stay safe and keep well. Thank you.”


St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Stafford

“Thank you so much to all the staff working so hard for the children and setting up lessons and activities so that their learning doesn’t suffer- it also plays a huge role in my child’s well-being to be able to see her teacher each day- thank you for all that you do.”

“We really appreciate the support we are receiving during this time – it’s amazing – the daily lessons are fabulous- teaching continuing and contact with the school. It must be hard teaching some in class and some at home and we do appreciate that we haven’t been left at home to try and navigate the learning alone.”

“I really appreciate the dedication of all the teachers and I am in awe of how quickly the remote learning material was prepared!”


St Giles Catholic Primary School, Cheadle

“Communication from the teachers via class dojo has been excellent, I cannot imagine how difficult it is to teach both children in the classroom and online. However, they make the time to respond. I appreciate the pressure that all of the teaching staff are under and just want to take the opportunity to say thank you. As working parents, especially for myself working from home too, I have found the live lessons an actual god send as it’s meant I’ve been able to carry out my work too with minimal disruption. So once again THANK YOU St Giles”

“I have friends and colleagues with children in other settings and this school sets the standard. They are outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble and I am certain that they are working to their limit physically and mentally. They are compassionate and prioritise wellbeing for both the children and the parents. They should be highly commended.”

“Thank you as always for going above and beyond to provide amazing resources and care for our daughter when she is in school on the days I’m teaching. She is loving school and live lessons at home and is self motivated and enthusiastic. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and hours the dedicated teachers and support staff must be putting in.”