Parent Communication Charter

Parent Communication Charter

We believe that exceptional communication skills enhance the spiritual development, the life chances and opportunities of all in the community

ParentsKey points
General ethosRelevant Painsley MAC Values:

People Really Matter!

The very best learning opportunities for our pupils

An outstanding partnership with parents that is built on trust and respect


Associated Gospel value: dignity and compassion

Associated Catholic Social Teaching: dignity of work and rights of the workers




We aim to develop a partnership with all of our parents.  We believe in your child and will do all we can to work with you. This is something that happens continually.  All staff, from the Principal down, are happy to meet you at a mutually convenient time.
Advice and guidanceWe provide practical strategies to support learning at home so parents work in partnership with us in terms of their child’s spiritual, social and academic development.
CommunicationsWe tailor school communications to encourage positive communication about your child’s learning throughout the year.  We will not simply give you information but we aim to actively seek out information from you about your child.
Your child’s learningYour survey responses tell us that you do not always feel that you are being updated about what your child is learning in class.  Therefore, as a MAC family, we will be trialling strategies to keep you regularly informed about what your child is learning in class so you can have discussions about the subject content.  Please do let us know your thoughts about the strategies/any possible suggestions.
Parents’ eveningsParents’ evenings are a positive experience that build on the belief that your child can succeed.  We offer practical advice for what your child needs to do to develop work/approach to school life.
Additional supportParents know their child best.  Therefore, we ask that parents contact school if there are any issues of concern and we will give additional support as necessary. We all want the best for your child.
ReportsWe time reports so they are meaningful and inform you of the way forward.  We will be honest about any barriers in terms of your child’s progress and will offer solutions to these working in partnership with you.
PoliciesWe will always consider (and, where appropriate, involve) parents when drafting policies.  We aim to make policies accessible and easy to understand.


EmailsWe will respond to emails within 3 working days.  If a matter is urgent, please contact reception and we will speak to you that day.

We ask that parents refrain from emailing staff outside the hours of 8-5 Monday to Friday.

UnderstandingAny relationship is built on understanding.  We are limited by law regarding our decisions on certain points such as holidays in term time.  Please respect the legal frameworks we operate in.
AttendanceWe will work with you to ensure that your child attends school regularly and arrives on time.  This is because your child will quickly fall behind if they are not present or are late.  We have busy, fun days! If there are any barriers to your child attending school, please let us know.
PraiseWe appreciate any positive feedback and recognition of our actions.  Please do let us know any positive feedback via email:
Resolutions/ ComplaintsSadly, there are times when relationships can be strained.  Therefore, we have an easy to follow a resolution and complaints procedure.  If a parent is unhappy with any aspect of the school, please follow the policy and we will work together to resolve the issue. For general recommendations on improvements, please email:
Phone callsReception staff will ensure that parents receive a call back on the day of an incoming call.  If this cannot be the case, parents will be called to inform them when the call will be made.  If the matter is urgent, a senior member of staff will either take the call immediately or contact you on the same day.
InductionAll pupils and their families are entitled to a full induction programme consisting of at least an initial meeting and a tour of the school along with sessions in school to ensure you feel fully supported and are happy with your child’s education.
Pupil wellbeingIf you notice any changes in your child at home, please let us know.  We will not tolerate any form of bullying at school and will work with you to ensure your child is not in any harm.  Sometimes, a child behaves differently at home compared to school so it is important you contact us.  We care very much about your child.  We will also regularly signpost you to services that the Local Authority offers.
Staff wellbeingStaff work very hard to support your child.  We ask, in a spirit of positive relationships with our Catholic school, that staff are treated with respect at all times, and we will do the same with you.
Positive behaviourWe strive for a consistent approach to behaviour between parents and the school, for example, by sharing expectations with parents.  Working in partnership provides for a much better understanding between us and benefits your child.
Invites to schoolWe warmly welcome you to visit school throughout the year including the opportunity to visit lessons and understand the strategies we use to maximise learning.
Changes to circumstances at homeWe understand the pressures of life including relationship breakdowns, financial difficulties and other challenges we face.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any support or just a friendly person to talk to!
SurveysWe will carry out an annual survey in order to understand how parents feel about communication with the school and follow up any areas in partnership with parents.
ParishesWe will work with you and the parish so that your child has the opportunity to embrace the word of God.

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