Secondary Curriculum

Covid-19 Recovery and Adaptation

The Covid-19 pandemic has instigated unprecedented disruption and change in our children’s schooling. COVID-secure practices continue to be implemented across all our schools supporting the national approach to managing education through the pandemic. As we continue to experience the constantly changing landscape of the COVID pandemic we regularly review our practice and curriculum provision to ensure our students continue to receive a quality education. Where appropriate, we have made both short- and long-term alterations to our curriculum architecture, subject delivery, and interventions to ensure our provision best supports our students’ changing needs and enables equitable access. Due to the fast-changing nature of current times not all of these adjustments are reflected on our website curriculum pages. Our school websites provide information on Remote Learning, guided pathways information, transition information and Catch-Up provision plans etc.

Secondary Curriculum Experience

Across our schools we have a shared vision for our curriculum experience which follows the journey of a child from Early Years to Post 16.
Careers is also a strong focus in our secondary schools, with skills for work built into all curriculum areas.
Our curriculum reflects the ambitious intent of the National Curriculum. Students begin their secondary experience studying a rich programme of English, maths, science, geography, history, one or two modern foreign languages, physical education, computer science, religious education and citizenship studied through our RE/Life programme and a range of expressive arts including art, music, drama or dance and technology subjects such as food, textiles, resistant materials etc.

Students study a broad range of subjects and learning opportunities to deepen their educational experience and build a solid foundation of subject knowledge and skills. Academic & technical study at Level 1 / Level 2 (including GCSE) are studied across two years offering a wide entitlement to subjects including those which make up the Full English Baccalaureate* i.e. GCSE in one English (Literature or English Language), mathematics, two sciences (including computer science), one humanities subject (geography or history) and a modern foreign language. There is opportunity to study triple or combined sciences and a wide selection of open subjects are offered including a range of expressive arts subjects, religious education, technology subjects, physical education, social sciences including Business Studies etc. Each high school has a bespoke open element offer. We design time and flexibility for large numbers of students to choose creative subjects for study up to 16 years old. Additional support in English and Maths is available to any students who may require this.